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We sell marijuana seeds since 2009...
Our shop sell the dutch cannabis seeds. Buying our weed seeds, you have the guarantee that you will receive fresh, strong and healthy seeds of the best variety of marijuana.

Our attitude to client
When in 2009, we established our shop, we knew from the very beginning, that the client’s satisfaction is the most important in this trade. We strongly believe that satisfied client will come back to us and his/her success will make us successful. We take care to provide you with fresh, strong and cheap Cannabis seeds. We serve express shipment of orders, we always help and we cope with all the matters without any problems.

The quality control
In there isn’t place for any flaws. After detailed market analysis in 2012, we introduced modern system of storehouse control grocery-storehouse like, so where the fresh goods mean the absolute basis. Not only we store our marijuana seeds in the fridges in properly adopted conditions but also we introduced the system of expiry date control as one of few shops.
Have you ever bought in reputed shop the seeds that didn’t meet your expectations? Did you wonder why it happened? It happened that why because no one take care of expiry dates. The producers don’t print it on their packing and the sellers think that they can ignore it without any consequences.

Why do you have to buy in our shop?
We are the professionals and we love our work. We care of having only fresh marijuana seeds and delivering them to the client immediately. Thanks to such attitude we achieved such success. We have many thousands of satisfied clients, who come back us every time, and their amount is greater with every step. Buying our weed seeds, you can be sure that you will receive ordered Cannabis seeds of the highest quality. If you are not satisfied, we will send you one more portion of seeds for free.

According to current law, we sell the seeds for the collector’s targets, and it means preserving the genetics in order to care of species survival. The cannabis seeds are also the source of numerous vitamins and nutrients, what make them perfect elements of balanced diet. To buy the weed seeds, you have to be 18 years old and you cannot grow them on the country territory where it is forbidden.



Still not convinced?
Order „Welcome Pack”!
Order a sample set of 3 feminized seeds and see for yourself that we’re trusted business partner
3 Premium Cannabis Strains
£ 2.95
3 feminized seeds
+ extra gift
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Order a sample of 3 feminized seeds and become our regular client.
We have a special offer for all new clients to start fruitful cooperation. We offer a packet of 3 carefully selected feminized seeds and practical gadgets with a logo of our shop at an outrageously low price. We guarantee that the seeds included in the „Welcome Pack” are of top quality and will meet all your expectations, and we will make all effort so that the package reaches you as soon as possible. Additionally, you will receive our lighter, pen, keyleash and a set of latest catalogues with hemp varieties and super stickers!
You don’t risk anything! We are a large and trusted company and we care about good cooperation with you! This is probably the best opportunity in your life. We can’t hide that nobody sells feminized seeds this cheap. Trust us in 1% and we will change it into 100% satisfaction! Order now and become our satisfied client.
We guarantee discreet delivery. We do not place the logo of our shop on the package or anything what could suggest what is inside. If the parcel is lost we will ship it again!
1x Cheese – Bulk Feminized Seeds – £2.95
1x Big Devil XL Auto – Sweet Seeds – FOR FREE
1x Critical Kush – Barney's Farm – FOR FREE
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Shopping in our store is safe! The connection between your computer and our website is encrypted using SSL certificate. We regularly clean up our database. Up to 30 days after your order has been placed, your adress will be permanently deleted.

Customers reviews:
Below we present only a small part of dozens of positive messages we receive from our new clients each week
Steven - England.
Great bargain! I hope you’ll have more of those. Everything went smoothly and discreetly. You have a regular client in me. I’m waiting for my next pay check to order new seeds from you!

Paula - the Netherlands.
The Big Devil Auto seed did not sprout, but Critical Kush is simply a monster! Very good graft. I want more!

Jeorge - Spain.
Thank you for the seeds. I risked and I’m satisfied. The package came in 5 days and all seeds sprouted. I’m already preparing a new order to place :)

Janko - Czech Republic.
I recommend it to everybody. I was positively surprised. It’s definitely worth the price. Seeds in original producer’s packaging, just as in the description. Thank you.
3 feminized seeds + gifts
Order now
- guaranteed delivery.
£ 2.95
* We reserve the right to end the above promotion at any time - the offer is valid as long the stock lasts.
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