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Ministry of Cannabis is a common project of people who have more than 15 years of experience in the marijuana business. They not only have long and deep relationship with cannabis, but they also cooperate with some best producers of seeds in the market. Such cooperation with famous seedbanks guarantee the best quality of the products. Ministry of Cannabis have located their test and production rooms in three different countries. It allows them to experiment, breed and cultivate their strains in the various climates. Their main office is located in Barcelona, Spain (it was moved from Holland in January 2014) and is responsible for Dutch and Spanish production. The second one is related to autoflowering strains. Closing the main office in Amsterdam and starting to operate from the new office in the heart of Spain was a hard and important decision to make. The owners have left a great part of the production back in the Netherlands but they have managed to control all of co-existing industrial brunches. In the result they have gained loyalty and credit for their hard work from clients, which are living all over the world.

After so many years spent in the global market this brand is recognized and appreciated breeder of premium quality weed seeds. The seedbank based in Spain has a one main goal: offer their customers a certain level of excellence and satisfaction that they deserve. Because they want to place the desires of clients first, they keep the availability of some iconic cannabis strains. Following that line, they provide classics like White Widow, Skunk, Haze and a rest. Such seeds are high-quality and easy available, always in a female form, which is a great option for the beginners. Another principle which is important for Ministry of Cannabis project is to provide some new, innovative strains, which are perfect for both amateur’s and connoisseur’s needs. Such strains are created and developed for a long years. This effort gave birth for some really great varieties, like Zenstaion or Carnival. Ministry of Cannabis is proud of their inventions, which are constantly released into the cannabis market. Are you wondering where to find them? You’re lucky you have us! In this special category we have collected some of the best strains produced by this brand. You don’t have to go anywhere else - on you will find all you need!

Since 2008 Ministry of Cannabis have introduced their own, exceptional line of autoflowering seeds. They were available in both feminized and regular form. Everything has changed one year later, in January 2009. Since that moment the brand have decided to sell only feminized seeds. It quickly turned out, that such prioritization (quality over quantity) was a great choice. Ministry of Cannabis is now focused on expanding range of their seeds and offering a great customer service for everyone. Once you try these products, you’ll probably come back for more. Spanish brand brings a wealth of knowledge into the marijuana industry. They make a world a better, greener place. Let’s green up together! You won't regret it - just make a purchase and see for yourself!

Do you want to try some seeds by Ministry of Cannabis, but you don’t know where to start? First of all, you have to give a chance Carnival and Zenstaion strains (both mentioned above). We also highly recommend their classic strains: Big Bud XXL, Ultra White Amnesia and Northern Lights. Do you prefer something automatic? Consider buying Auto Cheese NL or Auto Blueberry Domina. All of these seeds are feminised, which makes them maximally easy-to-grow!

  • Photoperiod

    Northern Lights Moc

    Ministry Of Cannabis
    £ 10.40 £ 7.28
    £ 10.40 £ 7.28

    Northern Lights Moc


    2 feminized seeds £ 10.40 £ 7.28
    5 feminized seeds £ 20.60 £ 14.42
    Sex Sex Feminized (100% females)
    Flowering type Flowering type Photoperiod
    Indica or Sativa Indica or Sativa Pure Indica
    Flowering time Flowering time Short (up to 8 weeks)
    Height Height Short
    Yield Yield High
    THC content THC content High (+15%)

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