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Those marijuana fans who buy some seeds regularly, know that now there are plenty of different seed banks, and all of them have some amazing offer. There are hundreds of different strains, and almost each of them has its fans, who appreciate their exquisite characteristics. However, there are also some breeders that stand out from the rest of seed banks, for example because of the quality of the products they offer. And one of them is definitely Delicious Seeds, which draw attention of weed growers from the very beginning of its existence on the market. And here, on this website, you get a chance to find their best products at the very competitive prices.

Delicious Seeds appeared on the market in 2010 and it almost immediately win the trust of the marijuana growers with their exquisite products. This seed bank, which is owned by Hemp Passion, also the owner of World of Seeds and Samsara, was created to finally meet the expectations of the most picky customers. Delicious Seeds bank is supposed to bring them loads of pleasure and some of the most incredible flavours you can imagine. And so far, without any doubt, the breeder from Valencia is doing some excellent job.

You should know that all of the seeds offered by the Delicious Seeds are put under strict control, thanks to which we get the guarantee that each product we decide to buy is of the highest quality. Each and every seed that is offered by this seed bank can’t be just tasty – it must be premium in any category related to cannabis. In Delicious Seeds they do everything they can to make sure that every customer who is marijuana fan will be satisfied with the plant grown from their seeds. And isn’t it what we all want? We spend money and we expect that the product will be really good. That is why the purchase of seeds from Delicious Seeds is a good decision.

So if you want to get some of the most exclusive cannabis seeds that have ever been created, don’t waste any more of your time and try Delicious Seeds’ products! We are sure that you won’t be disappointed, as they are top-shelf cannabis seeds, which you can buy for a reasonable amount of money. You will be stunned by the incredible flavor combinations offered by this unique seeds bank, and the effects may blow your mind. 

On our website you can find a great variety of the seeds from Delicious Seeds at very competitive prices. Just take your time, find the product that suits you best and get the seeds which soon will transform into wonderful plant that gives joy and satisfaction.

  • Photoperiod

    Northern Light Blue

    Delicious Seeds
    £ 19.40 £ 13.58
    £ 19.40 £ 13.58

    Northern Light Blue

    Producent: Delicious Seeds


    3 feminized seeds £ 19.40 £ 13.58
    5 feminized seeds £ 33.10 £ 23.17
    10 feminized seeds £ 62.50 £ 43.75
    Outdoor harvest Outdoor harvest 31 October
    Sex Sex Feminized (100% females)
    Flowering type Flowering type Photoperiod
    Indica or Sativa Indica or Sativa Pure Indica
    Flowering time Flowering time Short (up to 8 weeks)
    Height Height Short
    Yield Yield Very high
    THC content THC content Very high (+20%)
    Genetics Genetics Northern Light x Blueberry

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