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The history of Barney’s Farm - one of the biggest producers of marijuana - started when the founder called Derry had settled in the Himalayas. In this particular area he could finally take benefits from his knowledge about breeding, creating differential strains and choosing diversified phenotypes of seeds. Derry was the breeder but also a traveller. During his travels in 80’s he collected many various land-race cannabis seeds. His collection was really enormous and impressive: he got strains from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Burma. With his friends and associates he could create some unique strains which became beloved ones to the people all over the globe.

Derry returned to Amsterdam, Holland with a head full of bright ideas. Barney’s Farm was born exactly in 1986, but it started to sale seeds 5 years later, in 1991. From the very beginning it received positive opinions and massive publicity. At the end of the day people started to call Barney’s Farm one of the best seed companies ever. Probably the reasons were diversified and unique genetic and the most iconic product of the brand - Sweet Tooth.

As the firm expanded, Derry decided to found well-known Barney’s Farm Coffee-Shop. They were and are open for everybody who wanted to try some premium cannabis strains. Popularity of the brand was growing and growing. Barney’s Farm is the leader in world production of the best female cannabis seeds. The professional, highly experienced breeders who are working at the firm are always pushing the business further by innovating new solutions and creating the best possible genetics. They want to be sure that they provide the greatest cultivations to their customers. They haven’t stop their research from the early 1980’s and they won’t stop it now. The goal is clear and persistent: Barney’s Farm should provide the best product and continue to find exciting and new feminized cannabis seeds.

Nowadays you can buy Barney’s Farm strains in special packs of five or ten. You can choose from different types of seeds - there are feminised, regular and self-flowering strains and each of them is unique and amazing. The most favorite kind of marijuana is feminized and indoor variety - people are crazy about this one for years and it doesn’t seem like it could change easily. 99 percent of plants grow into female kinds and there is no space wasted on unwanted male ones. It’s a huge advantage and the best way of saving space and time, of course if the cultivation is legal. The brand was favored by many different prizes for stability of products, flawless quality and being an unbeatable leader in this business. As the Barney’s Farm’s workers say by themselves, there is no way to stop the research and providing rare genetics. As long as the breeders live, they will try to find the most exciting marijuana strain people can ever get.

Do you want to try this legendary, iconic seeds? Let’s start your adventure from tasting such legends ad LSD, Critical Kush and Pineapple Chunk. They are loved by many and they were honored at numerous Cannabis Cup contests. To be honest, if we’re talking about Cannabis Cup’s prizes, Barney’s Farm are in the cutting edge of global seed providers. Do you prefer to try something another? You should totally give a chance to Amnesia Lemon, Liberty Haze, G13 Haze, Utopia Haze, Acapulco Gold and Tangerine Dream. Do not forget about Malana Bomb Autoflowering too. The order doesn’t matter - just choose some strains from the seeds listed below and see the difference by yourself!

  • Photoperiod

    Violator Kush

    Barney's Farm
    £ 8.30 £ 5.81
    £ 8.30 £ 5.81

    Violator Kush

    Producent: Barney's Farm


    1 feminized seed £ 8.30 £ 5.81
    3 feminized seeds £ 23.30 £ 16.31
    5 feminized seeds £ 36.30 £ 25.41
    10 feminized seeds £ 69.80 £ 48.86
    Outdoor harvest Outdoor harvest 31 October
    Sex Sex Feminized (100% females)
    Flowering type Flowering type Photoperiod
    Indica or Sativa Indica or Sativa Pure Indica
    Flowering time Flowering time Short (up to 8 weeks)
    Height Height Short
    Yield Yield Medium
    THC content THC content Very high (+20%)

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